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Your Nebraska Bike Camping Experts

At Cycle Works you can trust us to help you find the perfect gear to go on your next bike camping adventure. We know all the best places to ride and camp and we've tested much of the equipment that we sell ourselves. Whether you just want to explore the idea, test ride a bikepacking bike, or check out a specific pack, visit us today.

Check out our info page on what you should know before heading out.

Bike Camping Bikes

Bikepacking is about escaping, about being off the beaten path, riding somewhere you could never get in just one day. It's an antidote for stress and one of the most affordable ways to travel. Plus, today's bicycles are reliable and easier to ride than ever. Easy gears make climbing a breeze and powerful brakes let you coast down hills with complete control. Bicycling never felt so good and with little effort you can explore to your heart's content.

Bike Camping Packs & Racks

If you have an adventure by bike planned for here in Nebraska or anywhere, we have the gear and tools you need. We sell what we ride with.

Bike Camping Accessories

Figuring out how to carry your gear by bike is one of the most fun parts of bike camping. Come physically see the gear we use.