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Suspension Service Pros

Cycle Works Suspension Service

We're Suspension Service ProsFront forks and rear shocks are subject to extreme loads that put wear on the oil and internal parts. Your all-mountain, XC or downhill bike suspension needs regular service to keep it in top form. Suspension systems should be inspected and serviced once a year under most conditions, more if you race or ride in extreme conditions.

Let us check out your rig and recommend the proper service.  Neglect along with normal wear and tear break down parts prematurely.  Starting the season with a properly tuned and serviced suspension system is a necessity if you want to keep the rubber in the dirt and not turn an easy and inexpensive service into a complete overhaul or new suspension system.  Stop in today and let us check out your ride.  We have and can service most forks and shocks in-house in the same turnaround time as our competitors.

Fork Service:  $70 labor + parts and oil

Rear Shock Service:  $70 labor + parts