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T.H.O.R. is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to developing and maintaining sustainable off-road recreational trails in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa, through partnerships with local land managers and trail users, by providing expertise, manpower and resources.

T.H.O.R. Goals

  1. Build, promote, and maintain trail systems for public use in accordance with IMBA guidelines
  2. Educate trail users about safe and responsible trail use
  3. Educate the public on the existence of multi-user trails in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa
  4. Initiate and nurture open and honest relations with land managers
  5. Promote environmental responsibility and care for public lands
  6. Provide an organization of volunteers and professionals who will:
    • encourage public respect for mountain biking
    • offer T.H.O.R. expertise regarding trail building and expansion
    • support individual contributions in support of the mission
    • be positive role models for trail advocacy, use and design


IMBA History

Mission statement: IMBA creates, enhances and protects great trail experiences for mountain bikers worldwide.

The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) was founded in 1988 by a group of California mountain bike clubs concerned about the closure of trails to cyclists. These pioneering clubs believed that mountain biker-education programs and innovative trail management solutions should be developed and promoted. While this first wave of threatened trail access was concentrated in California, IMBA's pioneers saw that crowded trails and trail-user conflict were fast becoming worldwide recreation issues. This is why they chose "International Mountain Bicycling Association" as the organization's name.

IMBA's mission has always been to protect, create, and enhance quality trail experiences for mountain bikers worldwide. In addition, we actively promote responsible mountain biking, support volunteer trail work, assist land managers with trail management issues, and improve relations among trail user groups.

IMBA has members in all 50 United States and 40 other countries. IMBA members annually contribute more than one million hours to trail work projects on public land. To date, these volunteers have created more than 5,000 (8,000 km) miles of new trails worldwide.

IMBA continues to bring out the best in mountain biking through education, trail construction, volunteer support, management advice, cash and grants for trail improvement, and worldwide leadership. IMBA gives mountain bikers a national and international voice that is heard and respected by federal land managers, environmental groups, the mainstream media, and other trail users. IMBA works closely with the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and Parks Canada and the U.K. Forestry Commission. We also partner with a variety of state, local, and international agencies

IMBA's key projects and endeavors include the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew, the National Mountain Bike Patrol, IMBA Trailbuilding Schools, IMBA Epic Rides, IMBA Trail Solutions, and a wide range of educational efforts. IMBA works to keep trails open and in good condition for everyone.